Soteria Spice Girls



Chef Zita Smith is the Founder and CEO of Soteria Seasonings and Sauces. She came from humble beginnings. Her mother worked multiple jobs, so her grandmother stepped in and raised her from a very young age.  Due to her mother’s hectic schedule, Zita looked forward to the one-on-one bonding time they would enjoy together every weekend when they would dine out at different restaurants.  Zita would beam with excitement every time she was given the opportunity to devour savory entrees and decadent desserts.  Zita quickly developed an appreciation and passion for flavorful cuisines which helped build her knowledge of creating unique flavors using a myriad of spices. Zita is now a successful caterer specializing in contemporary American cuisine with a global influence. She uses fresh ingredients and unique spice blends to create memorable food that keeps her clientele coming back for more.   Zita also uses these same spices to service health conscious consumers that want a reduction in the amount of calories in their diets while maintaining flavor.  Zita is the visionary behind the creation of Soteria Seasonings and Sauces, which gives others the tools to create divine dishes at home.




Dwan “Dee” Stevens is the co-owner and COO of Soteria Seasonings and Sauces . Dee is a real estate investor, entrepreneur and restauranteur with ventures in the beauty and fashion businesses. Dee is also an avid traveler and foodie who has partaken in culinary classes in Central America, Europe, South America and New Orleans where she’s learned the nuances of native spices. She has also toured olive groves in Madrid and La Mancha, Spain learning all about flavors, cultivation and harvesting of olives as well as what characteristics to look for in a quality extra virgin olive oil.